Internship Evaluation: Tenacity (week of August 28)


Lauren and I completed our mid-way internship evaluation (again). Since this is a “never-ending” internship at this point, it isn’t really a mid-way evaluation for this summer, but hopefully a more-than-mid-way-evaluation for this project as we started it in July 2014 and hope to have it finished in May 2016. On the sheet provided from the CRES department she gave me 5’s across the board. Her main comment was that she was impressed by my tenacity with this project. From technical issues to bureaucratic hurdles we feel like we are sailing with Odysseus on his return voyage from Troy–just when we have fought off the Cyclops we are tricked by Circe and then we become haunted by the Sirens. We will get home and we will tell the heroic story of our own Trojan War, which in this case is the story not of bloody battles and trickery, but of men and women coming together against all of modernity’s bureaucratic odds and despite deep differences to manage a natural resource more sustainably and beneficially for all involved. Strapped to the mast of my ship, we will sail on.